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Makes your life easier

Makes your life easier

Makes your life easier

What is Ogowe ?

Ogowe Company Limited is a customs clearance and freight forwarding company. We are the solution to transport all your cargoes from Dar Es Salaam to all your destinations in East, Central and Southern Africa.

We are also members of the Tanzanian Freight Forwarder Association. (TAFFA). A membership organization that coordinates the freight forwarding industry in Tanzania.

With presence in Dar Es Salaam, Lubumbashi and Kinshasa in DRC, our main objective is to provide logistics solutions to a niche market in various sectors.

Our services

Groupage services (FCL, LCL)

Port handling documentation and customs clearance of domestic and transit imports and exports

Door to door shipments

Transport of transit cargo to East, Central and Southern African countries

Handling of RO operations

Subscription to the FERI (OGEFREM) for all imports into the DRC is mandatory

Our mission is to provide customers with a fast, reliable and safe transportation service.
Why Ogowe ?


Simply to save you time and avoid unnecessary back and forth.


Our carriers are held to the highest safety and reliability standards, offering 90% insurance.


Transporting your goods is no longer a problem thanks to our carrier platform.


Our services at a transparent and competitive prices.

Do you have a truck ?

With Ogowe you are sure to move your trucks continuously and make a profit.

Need a carrier ?

For all your transport needs, we have the right fleet for you.